About Me

Learning to fail.

My Background

I felt compelled to make photographs many years ago. Strangely for me I decided to return to school and learned about photography. Processing film and making prints in a dark room with trays of magic liquids.

Even stranger, as I saw where photography was going I  returned again to school where I was introduced to computers and digital imaging. So here I am.

Billy, Dusty and Frank First and second surface half inch acrylic print

My Medium

I'm trying lately to get away from traditional photographic prints and have been working with printing on fabrics and rigid materials. I've always been fond of large prints and I run two 10 foot wide fabric printers and have access to a couple of flatbed printers that can fit a 4X8 foot rigid sheet, 2 inches thick. 

Younger L

My Inspiration

I enjoy exploring. Life, places, people and things. I love photographing people but rusty and discarded debris can occupy my imagination for hours.